Mental Health Benefits of Jewelry Making

Mental Health Benefits of Jewelry Making

After being used to wearing face masks, having our vaccine card ready any time, and only staying indoors—switching back to life before the pandemic can cause anxiety and stress in all of us.

As we slowly shift back to what we considered normal in 2020, I’ve found that jewelry making has had tremendous mental health benefits just as it did during the pandemic.

Jewelry making allows you to slow down time and tap into your jeweler’s flow state, quieting down the outside noise even for just a little while—a brief moment of peace.

It’s the perfect indoor activity you can do alone, with your kids, or even make new friends!

Whether you’re dealing with post pandemic stress disorder or just looking for something new to do, here are 3 mental health benefits of jewelry making:

1. Increased happiness

Tapping in to your hyperfocus or jeweler’s flow state reduces anxiety, boosts your mood, and helps calm down your heart.

Since jewelry making uses repetitive creative movements, your dopamine levels increase because you look forward to the end result of your efforts!

2. Makes you smarter

Jewelry making uses both your hands—strengthening your hand-eye coordination.

It also exposes you to doable challenges, helping you come up with solutions and develop confidence with decision making.

3. Improves mental health

There’s a science to why using your hands is a natural anti-depressant.

Crafting in general has been found to help people manage their negative emotions in a supportive manner.

The next time you feel overwhelmed to do anything else, try crafting it out. Set aside some time for yourself and do something fun!

Whether you choose to take an online class or watch a few videos on YouTube, jewelry making can leave you feeling happier, relaxed, and ready to face your day.

There are a thousand more reasons why jewelry making is so beneficial to your mental health! Read about it here: 3 Ways Crafting Improves Your Mental Well-Being

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