3 Ways Crafting Improves Your Mental Well-Being

3 Ways Crafting Improves Your Mental Well-Being

Are you looking for something new to do at home? Is baking bread just not doing it for you anymore? 

Well, I’m sure we’ve all done our best to maneuver through the uncomfortable days that leave us uncertain with the help of cooking, redecorating our rooms, or focusing more on our physical health. 

They’re great ideas but… they do come with expectations and results. It’s too much pressure but don’t force it if it isn’t for you. Just dust off your brain and do something a little more zen!

One good example is crafting. It’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing! It gives you something to do with your hands, gets your imagination going, and lets you take the lead with zero pressure.

Here are 3 ways crafting can improve your mental well-being:

1. Therapeutic Benefits

Jewelry making has been known to improve your health. Beading helps with strengthening your hand-eye coordination, lower your stress levels, and keep your hands nimble and active! This results in a more relaxed feeling and helps keep you grounded to the present moment.

Crafting also increases your self-esteem through the help of compliments from others. It helps build your confidence in yourself to continue exploring your creative side (which most of us have stored away in the closet for a rainy day). It even enhances feelings of happiness whenever you finish your piece!

2. Extra Income

Custom jewelry is a great way to make a little extra cash on the side, too. Selling your pieces on the side at a reasonable price to your friends and family can help you gain some profit, as well as expand your network for other ventures.

All you need is to stock up on a few of your favorite beads, some tools and materials. Next thing you know, you’re recreating pieces you’ve been eyeing for a while now (with a little added touch, of course) without breaking the bank.

3. Self-Expression

When you craft, you fall into this state of peace and calm. It is this safe space where you find yourself trusting in your ability to create rather than focusing on how your work will turn out.

It builds trust and allows your mind to focus on the present moment and the process instead of attaching too much on the desired outcome. It’s being okay with becoming vulnerable, to express yourself freely. It’s that cliche, “Dance as if no one is watching”. 

Trust yourself enough to create something beautiful without expecting it to turn out perfectly or matched with the idea you had in your head. Experiment all you want! You might be surprised with what you make.

Crafting and jewelry making lets you accept that your expectations may not match the outcome, and still finding the beauty in your work anyway. It’s that awesome feeling of knowing what you created is just right (even if it isn’t perfect). All you have to do is start.

Remember, you can never make something bad! Style is subjective and only you get to decide if you like your art or not.

So today, we invite you to grab your scissors, yarns, and beads and start creating a little something for yourself. Go ahead, you deserve it.

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