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Jeweler’s Bench Pin

Jeweler’s Bench Pin

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Just clamp this jeweler’s bench pin on a sturdy (not breakable) table or surface, you can make jewelry anywhere and anytime. 

This bench pin comes notched and ready to use. It includes a keyhole V-slot, indents and a ring-holding extension with a sawing slot. Use the recessed oval areas across the middle of the pin to hold components, sizing stock or trimmings while you work. Bench pins attach to your work surface. The bench pin also helps steady your hands and tools, so you can do intricate work in small spaces.

Slip the L-bracket (included) through the hole at the back of the bench pin and into the recessed area; then slide the bracket onto your work surface and tighten the clamp. The clamp accommodates a bench or work surface up to 2-3/8" thick.

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