Why We Offer Jewelry Making Classes & Workshops?

Why We Offer Jewelry Making Classes & Workshops?

If you’re thinking about how you can create a beautiful ring or design your own necklace, then read this article first!

Creating your own jewelry is so fulfilling, but before buying out the whole crafts store, there’s a few things you should know to make sure your design process goes smoothly.

Have you considered joining a jewelry making workshop to build your skills, gain knowledge, and experience a world of design possibilities?

Sign up for the Metals & Gems classes and learn the basics of soldering, proper use of non-motorized and motorized tools, as well as industry-grade equipment! Read more about our jewelry making classes here.

Did you know that by learning the fundamentals of jewelry making, you also learn what makes well-constructed and lasting pieces!

So what can you expect to learn in our jewelry making classes at Metals & Gems?


From understanding the types of blades used in a jeweler’s saw, to why mandrels shape metal into ring shanks and bezels and more, you can expect an in-depth and hands on experience in all our classes with access to all our tools.


Learn about soldering techniques, how to achieve a bark texture on rings, and which types, sizes, and shapes of files to use on specific metals. Experience using a drill press and even transform a flat sheet of metal into a ring!


Gain a deeper appreciation of precious metals, the history of jewelry making, and the art that goes behind each technique. Discover better methods and means to make jewelry to bring your bespoke designs to life!

Our classes are designed to help you identify your unique style in a collaborative space and a community of like-minded creatives. More than a standard jewelry making workshop, the goal of our classes is to welcome you into the community and tailor each class to your specific needs.

Book a class with your friends, come alone, or spend a special day with your loved one, and always leave our chic plateria with a piece made just by you!

Need help deciding what class/workshop is best for you? Tell us in the comments below or contact us here. We’ll help you pick a class!

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