The Truth About How Craft Heals

The Truth About How Craft Heals

The year 2020 started quite heavily for all of us because of this Covid-19 outbreak. It turned our whole world upside down. The children had to stop going to school, everyone had to stop going to work and all business establishments had to close temporarily. We are all asked to stay home to avoid running the risk of being infected or of spreading the virus. Since we are home with our families 24/7, what has it been like? For most of us, staying home all the time could not be so ideal. Unless we work from home, one can only watch enough series on Netflix and finish all seasons of a show or all the shows. Eventually, we lose interest or get tired of it. Despite of all the things we could do, sometimes, staying home for this long a period can take its toll on our mental health. The anxiety starts to brew because of so much uncertainties our current situation brings. What to do to fight this anxiety? Craft. For sure, a lot tried to bake their own bread as we have in our own home, given each other hair cuts, made our own sushi bake and everything else that is trending on Facebook or Instagram. All these things we have tried and done have a sense of craft in it.

Craft is defined as “an activity involving skill in making things by hand”. Maybe in some things we tried doing, skill is yet to be acquired. This however works to our advantage. This means it challenges us to focus more and do better at certain tasks. This also means being distracted from the anxiety we feel. Yes, we will also encounter frustrations but this can come hand in hand with hope and determination. And when we finally achieve the goal or finish the piece we are crafting, it brings you a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and meaning.

So as we are forced to minimize our movement within the confines of our homes, let us maximize our time by learning new things. There are many many things to choose from – baking, cooking, painting, drawing, knitting, crocheting, jewelry-making are some of them. Choose a craft. Let’s fight the anxiety and uneasiness we feel. Let’s put meaning into being, because this is how craft heals.

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