Not sure what tools you need to start metalsmithing?

Not sure what tools you need to start metalsmithing?

Do you want to make your own ring or maybe you’re curious about the art of jewelry making—but don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Before you spend thousands of pesos shopping for tools, it helps to know what tools you actually need to bring your design to life.

Chad and I have personally encountered students and masters of the craft, who at the beginning invested in expensive and cool-looking equipment, ended up not using any of it in the long run because they didn’t essentially know what it was for.

In the end, they stuck to the essentials. This proved to support them in honing their own style and eventually making smarter choices in the tools they invest in.

We’ve listed the 5 basic tools every metalsmith needs in their tool kit which (hopefully) saves you from a ton of migraines and even a few extra bucks!

1. Pliers
We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it—pliers are a fundamental tool in jewelry making.
Depending on what you want to achieve, there are pliers specifically to hold, shape, and bend jewelry wire and metals. Read more about pliers here.
2. Jeweler’s bench pin
To help keep your hands steady when doing delicate designs, investing in a jeweler’s bench pin is key!
A bench pin is a small wood block attached to your work table used to anchor tools to file, pierce, and saw metal.
3. Piercing saw
We recommend purchasing a small piercing saw simply since it’s much easier to control when creating small intricate cuts.
If you’re doing larger pieces and deeper throat depth, you might want to get a saw in a bigger size.
4. Hammers
Feel like those classic metalsmiths you see on TV with quality hammers!
The nylon & rubber face hammer is a vital forming tool for shaping metal and truing metal pieces. There’s also the chasing hammer used for texture and peening.
5. Diagonal Cutters
Quality wire cutters are one of the most important tools to invest in.
It creates an unbroken, even cut to the material for a clean design. A versatile tool that comes in many sizes for cutting different materials.

    With the essential tools in your kit, you can create any design you want!

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