Nervous to try our workshop?

Nervous to try our workshop?

Ever taken a class or a seminar just because you were so interested?

The one that just grabs your attention?

When I enrolled in a beginner’s course for fine jewelry manufacturing, admittedly I was kind of nervous. I had zero experience and jewelry was really more Abb’s expertise than mine.

But the longer I sat in that first class, the nerves disappeared. It suddenly became clear to me just how invested I had become. And just how much I wanted to share what I’d just discovered to the world.

So I shared it with my wife.

This led Abb and me to build our first studio by our house. It was hot, damp, and cramped which pushed us to learn how others did it better.

We took more workshops together. We kept learning. We kept going.

Eventually, our interest turned into our chic plateria. That one workshop I took with her support led Abb and me to discover our purpose together.

All because we were interested in what we were doing.

I still get nervous at 40, but now I know not to let that stop me. So if you’re nervous to try our workshop, it’s ok.

Our theme-based workshops are designed to help you learn all about crafting so you can express your creativity and enhance your skills.

Whether you’re doing it for profit or for passion, our workshop is here to support you every step of the way.

Click here to learn more about our theme-based workshops and register now!

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