How working with your hands keeps your mind happy?

How working with your hands keeps your mind happy?

Did you know that the connection between your hands and your brain is key to making you happier?

When we use our hands on a task that doesn’t demand much thinking, it gives your mind time to rest and relax.

Activities such as crafting and washing dishes relieves stress and helps you solve problems.

As a mom, I’m constantly using my brain to make sure my family is well taken care of. From coordinating schedules to making dinner, I feel a sense of relief creating jewelry which doesn’t require me to think too much.

Working productively with our hands is incredibly satisfying. We, as humans, are designed to be active and use our hands as part of our prehistoric ways.

With technology delivering food to our doorstep and smart phones turning off your stove, many of us go through our days with little to no physical effort.

Studies have shown that a lack of physical activity in our daily life contributes to feelings of irritability, apathy, and depression.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed or stuck, try doing something with your hands. It may be exactly what your brain and body need.

What do you normally do when you’re feeling stuck or stressed?

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