How To Recycle Your Jewelry

How To Recycle Your Jewelry

Do you have old pieces of jewelry in outdated designs? Not sure how to wear them to match your current style?

Recycling your jewelry is a great way to upgrade an old piece and make it feel fresh, new and exciting again!

If you’ve been wondering how you can recycle your jewelry but aren’t sure how to go about it, look no further—we’re right here to help you out!

Check out the 3 different ways you can recycle your jewelry below:

1. Update a family heirloom
Old materials can be recycled and redesigned so you can keep sentimental pieces with you while maintaining your own style.
A win-win solution is to create a design that you’re excited to wear with the old materials in a new style set!
You can use the diamonds from an heirloom wedding band and turn them into diamond earrings, or you can transform a brooch into a pendant necklace.
2. Customize your old designs into something completely new
Create any piece of jewelry you’ve ever dreamed of.
Switch up a vintage-style necklace and transform it into a contemporary-style bracelet. Or take the diamonds from a bracelet and design those into one-of-a-kind hoop earrings.
When you go custom, the possibilities are endless!
3. Update your setting or upgrade your center stone
These are your two most budget-friendly options when it comes to recycling your jewelry.
Updating your setting can completely change the overall look and feel of your jewelry, as well as choosing a different shape or cut for your center stone.
You can create subtle changes or go the extra mile and go for an incredibly dramatic setting. The choice is yours!
    You deserve to connect with your jewelry collection. So before you start getting rid of jewelry from your early teens that feel outdated, consider giving it a quick upgrade instead.

    If you have any additional questions on how you can recycle, upgrade, and update your jewelry, contact us here any time!

    Get in touch with one of our expert jewelers to help you create an upgraded piece you adore!

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