Handle With Care: 3 Tips On Making Your Tools Last

Handle With Care: 3 Tips On Making Your Tools Last

We all spend a lot of time and good money collecting tools—and we all want to protect those investments.

You can have the most organized, spotless, efficiently curated shop with the best high quality tools—but without proper care, your tools could end up oily or rusty, and ultimately give you a headache instead of a flawless design.

Knowing how to properly care for and maintain your jewelry tools will ensure that they last you a very long time and keep in optimal shape for future projects.

Regardless of your level of mastery in crafting, it’s important to take good care of them. So how do you handle your tools with care? It’s very easy!

Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve learned on the job to help make your tools last:

1. Inspect and clean regularly
Wash, wipe, and/or clean your tools after every use. It may sound time-consuming in theory, but a few minutes at the end of each creative outburst can save you a lot of trouble and extra costs in the future.

Most hand tools can be cleaned by wiping them down with a cloth. You can even use a less abrasive version of a Scotch-Brite along with some WD40 or petroleum jelly to scrub down any rust buildup, take out any dirt or corrosion, and keep them well lubricated upon storing.

For power tools, make sure they’re turned off and unplugged before cleaning! Wipe the surface with a dry cloth and lubricate any moving parts with grease or WD40 if necessary.

Make sure to inspect your tools before you start, too. See if your tools can move freely and easily. Pay attention to any splinters, cracks, or broken/missing pieces in your tools so you don’t damage your hands and any materials you use to make jewelry.

2. Store tools properly
It goes without saying that your tools will generally last much longer when stored away properly.

A pegboard is a great space-saving solution if you have a bare wall in your shop for hand tools or smaller power tools. You can see all your tools in a glance and they’re within reach every time!

Keeping the original cases included with your tools can help them last longer too since they’re designed to withstand extreme conditions. Humidity and water can cause a problem and damage your tools (which really depends on the climate in your shop/workspace).

Toolboxes are another great option if you’re a jeweler on the go! Toolboxes come in different shapes, sizes, and colors that are travel-friendly you can take them with you anywhere. Plus they’re easy to store away in any space!

 If you’re storing tools for a long period of time, it’s ideal to keep put a small amount of petroleum jelly or Vaseline and store them away like this to help prevent rust, corrosion, and damage. You can even use tiny silica gel packs!

3. Use the correct tools and equipment for the job
Ensure that you’re using the correct tools when bringing your designs to life. It’s not only much safer for you and the materials you’re using—you will most likely create superior quality designs with much more ease and flow. You wouldn’t use tweezers in place of pliers, now would you?

Quality tools also last longer! Consider your tools and equipment as a long-term investment. Although it can be quite an expensive purchase, you’ll earn that money back in the long run minus any expensive repairs and/or replacements. Quality tools and equipment are also much safer to use and cause fewer accidents during the creative process.

Keep these maintenance ideas in mind and handle your tools with care!

I know it’s easy to toss out or forget about tools once its worn out or broken, but with regular maintenance and just a tad bit of effort, you’ll find that making your tools last isn’t as hard as it sounds!

Sharing is caring so drop us a comment below with your best-kept secret to making your tools and equipment last longer!

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