Four Stud Claw Earring: As Timeless As The Diamond Itself

Four Stud Claw Earring: As Timeless As The Diamond Itself

When it comes to jewelry, I always believe less is more. The simpler the design, the brighter the dazzle! And when it comes to sparkle? Nothing comes close to a diamond.

Diamonds are highly sought-after luxury gems, that when cut and set correctly, can make for a valuable investment to last you a lifetime.

So if you’re searching for a versatile accessory that goes with just about everything, then the Four Stud Claw Earrings is what you want.

The Four Stud Claw Earrings is a timeless setting that exudes class and elegance, making it a must-have in anyone’s collection.

This setting contains four claws that hold the diamond in place—creating a V shape that allows light to enter the diamonds from multiple angles, enhancing the natural color and sparkle.

Half carat diamonds are a very good size for earrings. With less metal in this setting, the four prongs make your diamond look bigger. And when paired together make a full carat—kind of life “you complete me” in diamonds.

Four stud claw earrings are a subtle yet incredibly effective piece of jewelry that can upgrade any fancy or casual outfit. Whether you’re dressing up for your wedding or picking up some groceries, these stud earrings are sure to add some sparkle to your day.

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Photo from Master Jeweller Peter Keep of Jewellery Training Solutions

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