Rent a Bench, Create Independently!

Rent a Bench, Create Independently!

We understand that it’s a bit of work to set up our own chic plateria at home and us being us, we thought of a way to make sure that those who are really interested in the craft get an opportunity to do it at their convenience!

Need a work bench for your next project? Let us know and we got you!

Php 500 for the first 2 hours.

Php 150 for every hour or a fraction thereof.

Tuesday to Friday - 9am to 5pm
What is included?
1. Use of our fully equipped jewelry making studio.
2. Assistance of authorized personnel on the use of the rolling mill and melting torch.
3. Consultation with our in-house jewelry maker.
4. Storage space to keep your excess consumables.

*Consumables (metals, san paper, solder, etc.) are available for purchase.

Reserve a bench now!
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