5 Positive Effects on the Mind of Jewelry Making

5 Positive Effects on the Mind of Jewelry Making

If you’ve been following the Metals & Gems blog for a while now, you’ll know that Chad and I are huge fans of the mental health benefits of jewelry making. I mean, the list of positive effects is just endless!

Personally, I’ve found that jewelry making helps me cope with anxiety. Through my own journey, I’ve seen the benefits firsthand which is why I enjoy sharing them with all of you!
Jewelry making is a low-impact, low-energy activity that’s perfect for hobbyists, curious lurkers, and kids alike!

And with Chad and I by your side, you can guarantee a safe and fun environment where you can explore your creativity and bring your own designs to life.

Here are 5 positive effects on the mind of jewelry making in case you were wondering:

  1. Unleashes your creativity
    Making your own jewelry allows you to explore your creative side and bring your ideas to life! You can personalize your creation however you like. The best part? Only you get to decide if it’s good enough and complete!

  2. Challenges your brain
    Making jewelry is more than just placing beads on a string (although that is actually quite difficult to do, too). It has tremendous known benefits for your hand-eye coordination, visual perception, and memory.  Jewelry making keeps your brain active and fine tunes your motor skills through the grasping of tools and materials, understanding new processes and terms.

  3. Creates a sense of accomplishment
    Crafting contributes greatly to improved self-esteem!
    Working with jewelry offers us a sense of accomplishment and makes us feel good and proud whenever we see our finished design.

  4. Encourages patience and determination
    Determination is transformative. Patience is that pause to help us gather our thoughts and get our feelings under control. When it comes to making jewelry, determination and patience is what keeps you moving forward, focused on your goal, and helps you overcome failure.

  5. Lowers your stress levels significantly
    Jewelry making, surprisingly, lowers your risk of heart attacks and helps regulate your blood pressure.  Its slow, focused nature allows you to engage in an interactive experience without overworking yourself while still having fun!

Jewelry making is a fun and rewarding hobby! Start with a small kit and see how you like it. You might just be one step closer to opening up a whole new world of creativity!

Explore your creative side with like-minded individuals and teachers! Join us for our Jewelry Making & Metalsmithing Workshops today!

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