5 Easy Self-Care Activities for Jewelry Makers

5 Easy Self-Care Activities for Jewelry Makers

Making your own jewelry is an amazing activity with tons of mental and physical benefits which could quickly evolve into a business if you wanted it to!

Not only do you get to express your creativity and share your designs with friends and family, you also expand your network of creatives through workshops, expos, and referrals.

But as exciting as it sounds, jewelry making still has its own bumps on the road. Burnout, chronic stress, and creative blocks are common experiences for designers and business owners alike.

Stress is a natural response to big changes that occur in our lives, and although we can’t avoid it (especially in business), it’s important to know how you can take better care of your most important asset: YOU!

Here are 5 self-care activities for jewelers you can try today:

1. Regular walks
Making jewelry often means you spend long hours seated at your bench especially when you enter your jeweller’s flow state. This can cause backaches, sore limbs, and poor blood flow.
A quick walk around your neighborhood gets your blood flowing and stretches out those kinks and aches from sitting for too long!
2. Snack breaks
In your jeweler’s flow state, time has a tendency to slow down and shift. What feels like 20 minutes in your flow state is actually 5 hours of pure focus on your design.
Creativity flows more freely when you’re not hangry. Snacks you can easily access from your bench can come in handy. Or you can set an alarm to remind you when it’s time for a snack brain!
3. Sleep
Did you know that naps are the human equivalent of a reboot? In case of a creative block, take a quick nap or call it a night. You’ll wake up well-rested and with a fresh sense of creative energy afterwards!
4. Get dressed
Instead of your usual “pambahay” (clothes you wear at home) shake things up by getting dressed up. Getting dressed helps set your mood for the day and can influence your creativity.
5. Stay hydrated
Jewelry making exposes you to equipment and materials that produce certain levels of heat. To avoid headaches, dizzy spells, and heat strokes, it’s important to keep a bottle of water near you and to remain hydrated throughout your creative process.

Self-care is key to running any successful business because you are its heart and center. Without you, there is no design.

And if you’ve found yourself struggling to keep up with the hours or the growing amount of work, this is your reminder to look after yourself, too.

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