3 Stone Settings Perfect for Diamond Rings

3 Stone Settings Perfect for Diamond Rings

There’s no denying it... we humans like shiny things. Some of us even love it so much that we get piercings just to wear them!

When it comes to delicate and unique designs, stone-setting is one of the most integral parts necessary to create jewelry.

Stone-setting or gem-setting is literally what holds a piece together.

A skilled gem-setter makes sure your diamonds stay in place and add an aesthetic touch to your jewelry—keeping you worry-free and dressed to the nines every time!

Generations have come and gone, but in the world of jewelry, here are 3 stone settings that remain timeless:

  1. Bezel
    Bezel is the oldest form of stone-setting. Metalsmiths shape the metal to fit the size of stone then burnish it over the edges of the gem. Perfect for anyone who uses their hands a lot!

  2. Channel
    The channel stone-setting is usually used for engagement rings. The design is made up of small diamonds set inside a specially cut channel with grooves to keep them secure. 10/10 recommend if you want a smooth finished look.

  3. Prong
    A classic technique that creates sparkle from any angle! The prong setting is an open claw that has ‘wide-spread fingers’ wrapped around the diamond, holds it securely in place, and lets as much light as possible pass through.

There are more ways to set stones for sure but these 3 remain our favorites. What can we say? We’re old school that way.

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