3 Questions We Wish We Asked  When We First Started Making Jewelry

3 Questions We Wish We Asked When We First Started Making Jewelry

Jewelry making is a chance for you to be free creatively—to set yourself free from rules and expectations. To just go with your own flow.

It's a craft that lets you bring your visions to life with skills you practice and techniques you perfect over time. Here, you learn to trust your ideas, push through design blocks, and believe in your abilities. This time there are no rules, and trial and error are welcomed with open arms!

It can be scary to apply yourself creatively and try something new. But every experience is worth the risk. It doesn't matter if you do it "wrong" or do it afraid the first few hundred times.

This inspired us to start offering our own Jewelry Making & Metalsmithing Workshops.

When we started learning to make our own jewelry, we were blessed to have mentors and teachers that showed us their ways. We learned the different techniques that set each jeweler apart which deepened our appreciation and understanding of the art.

We want to share our knowledge of the craft and to make it as accessible as possible to enthusiasts of all levels too starting with 3 questions we wish we asked when we first started making our own jewelry:

How do I decide what I want to create?

You have your own creative process! There's no right or wrong way to bring your design to life. Find out what inspires you, what you're passionate about. Experiment and go with the flow! Sometimes you'll get it right, sometimes you won't. That's ok! Evaluate your own process, learn how you can improve, and don't be afraid to try again!

When is enough in a design?

As you continue to make jewelry, you'll gain enough skills to make good design choices—from your choice of materials, combinations, to the overall aesthetic of your piece. You'll know it's enough when your piece doesn't feel under or overdone, and the elements just fall into place.

Where can I learn to make my own jewelry?

At Metals & Gems, we offer Jewelry Making & Metalsmithing Workshops for hobbyists and beginners with no experience. Our theme-based workshops are available for those who want to learn how to craft their own rings. It's a great way to bond with your special someone, with family, and/or friends, and learn something new together!

As with any craft, over time you learn to make good design choices, which combination of materials works best for you, and what techniques require a bit more of your time and focus.

Every piece of jewelry you make is a testament to your journey as a jewelry maker so don't be afraid to ask questions and to be a beginner at something again.

And when you're ready to really step it up and try something new, know that our family at Metals & Gems is right here with you! Our workshops and classes are now available.

What other questions do you want to ask us to help you start your jewelry-making journey? Let us know in the comments below!

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