What are the benefits of taking a jewelry making workshop?

What are the benefits of taking a jewelry making workshop?

When Chad and I started Metals & Gems, it was our combined passion for jewelry making that really solidified our vision.

We’ve experienced firsthand how exciting it is to learn a new skill, meet people from all walks of life with the same passion, and the endless possibilities to share this ancient craft!

Not to say that we weren’t both afraid to venture into new territory (it was nerve wracking for sure) but the longer we explored the art, the more we fell in love with it.

So whether you’re starting from scratch or reconnecting with an old hobby, here are 5 benefits of taking a jewelry making workshop:

1. Get out of the house
Looking for a reason to leave your house today? Join our classes at our chic plateria and try something new!
Learn a new skill, express your creativity, and get some fresh air on the drive over.
2. Increase your confidence
Taking a new workshop for something you’re interested in is a huge sign of confidence!
You allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone, stay curious, and discover your passion.
3. Make new connections
Surround yourself with a supportive community with the same interests as you!
From newbies to seasoned jewelers, there’s a new friend at every corner here at Metals & Gems.
4. Tools are provided
Jewelry making workshops are equipped with industry-grade tools to help you understand what they’re for and how they’re used.

You won’t have to go out and buy expensive equipment before you’re fully sure on which ones you really need to bring your vision to life.
5. Learn from professionals
You can certainly learn a lot from YouTube and other online courses, and that’s great!

But if you’re looking to learn the secrets of the trade, its best practices and deepen your learning process with a professional, you’ll enjoy our jewelry making classes!

As you know, jewelry making is and will always be a hot commodity. And it’s quite addicting once you get those creative juices flowing.

An extra bonus benefit of joining a jewelry making workshop if you’re lucky enough, it could even turn into a full-time job!

Ready to try something new? Sign up for our jewelry making workshop here!

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