Build Your Kit: 9 Tools Every Jeweler Needs

Build Your Kit: 9 Tools Every Jeweler Needs

No matter where you are in your crafting journey, it is important to invest in a good jeweler's kit.

There are many tools to choose from, but before you go and make a huge purchase, read up on tools you'll really need and invest in quality pieces that you can get the most use out of overtime.

A big part of our vision for Metals & Gems is to share our passion for jewelry making, hold workshops to deepen your knowledge in crafting, and provide the tools you need all in one place!

We know tools can be confusing if you don't know where to start. So we've listed the basics to get you started on your own crafting journey and to help you save a few bucks in the process!

Here you'll find the basic tools you need to bring your designs to life with ease:

1. Pliers

Pliers are a fundamental tool in jewelry making.

The most common ones are flat-nosed pliers used in shaping metals with two flat jaws that help you grip metal, round-nosed pliers used to hold, shape, and bend jewelry wire, and chain-nosed pliers which are used for almost all aspects of jewelry making.

2. Diagonal Cutters

This is one of the most important tools to invest in! Quality wire cutters create clean edges and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the thickness of materials you'll be using.

3. Jeweler's Bench Pin

A bench pin is a small wood block attached to your work table used to anchor tools to file, pierce, and saw metal. It helps steady your hands while doing intricate work in small spaces.

4. Piercing Saw

The best way to create small intricate cuts and details is with a jeweler's saw. Small saws are easier to control, whereas bigger sizes are used for larger pieces and deeper throat depth.

5. Steel Ruler

A ruler is probably something you already have at home, and it's one of the most basic tools in jewelry making to ensure accurate measurements when you're cutting and sawing.

6. Hammers

The nylon & rubber face hammer is great for rapid forming without adding a lot of work finishing and is a vital forming tool for shaping metal and truing metal pieces. The chasing hammer has a smooth side for chasing and creating curves, and a ball-shaped side for texture and peening.

7. Ring Mandrel

A ring mandrel is a long steel former used in forming, shaping, and reshaping rings. Our version at Metals & Gems has ring sizes engraved on the steel for easier use and reference.

8. Files

Files are used to smooth out any raw edges after the cutting process.

You have your flat files which are used to achieve clean, level edges on your metals, ***half-round files***, an all-purpose tool that clean and rounds out the inside of a ring, and needle files which come in a set much smaller in size that is ideal for intricate work for specific jobs including filing, shaping, deburring, setting, smoothing, and finishing metals.

9. Rotary Drill

A Lotus Rotary Tool is used for drilling, sanding, cutting, and polishing to name a few. It is a full toolset with 211 accessories that include burs which removes the surface of metals in a slightly different manner.

The tools listed above are available in our shop, as well as a few other types of equipment and supplies that could come in handy during your design process. Feel free to browse our selection!

We know buying tools can be confusing, and sometimes you'll end up buying something you don't need. That's ok! It's all part of the learning curve and we're here for you. Keep exploring!

Build up your confidence and enjoy the creative process from start to end! Soon enough, you'll have your own guide on the best brands, the duds, and tools that may only work for your style.

We hope this list helps!

What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below what's in your jeweler's kit!


Jeweler's station and photo by @tiffytlee

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